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Our History


Fraser Figure Skating Club (FFSC) was formed in 1978, as a probationary club under the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA). In 1979 full membership was granted by the USFSA and a great future was ahead for the newly formed Fraser FSC.

A pioneer in the skating world, Fraser FSC, was one of the original "synchronized" skating teams, although back in those days it was referred to as "Precision Skating". The Fraserettes, as they were called in the beginning, won several national titles. In addition to the Fraserettes, Fraser FSC added a junior team, named the Juniorettes and a mini team names the Miniettes. All of these teams were under the direction of then skating director, Peggy MacDonald.


Fraser FSC has always shared the rich tradition of figure skating with the community, and has hosted many competitions and ice shows over the last 39 years. During the height of figure skating, Fraser FSC was home to more than 400 skaters.  To this day the Fraser FSC family shares their love of the sport with others, either through performing or instructing the next generation of skaters.

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