Fraser Eclipse

Synchronized Skating Teams

Due to the pandemic, we do not currently have any teams training. If you are interested in joining a synchro team, please contact us by email at

Please congratulate the new and returning members of the Fraser Eclipse. We wish them well this season. 

Beginner Team (click for a larger image)  In back (left to right): Coach Christine Wojno, Alyssa Parets, Madalyn Bratke, Sajda Avdo, Kayla Beauchamp, Maria Alhakim, Liberty Ward, Coach Mel Chapman, Coach Lauren McLarty  In front (left to right): Abby Beauchamp, Olivia Wandoff, Annabelle Wilkins, Olivia Nielsen, Charleigh Merritt

Synchro Skills 1: Giabella DiPiazza, Alexis Dixon, Emma Handran, Whitney Jenkins, Maiya Land,

Coach Lauren McLarty, Sadie Nagy, Marissa Nowaczok, Ellie Stielstra, Carmen Wojno-Maas, Caylee Wojno-Maas, Coach Chris Wojno

2017/2018 Eclipse Teams accomplishments:

Synchro Skills 1 Team (this is our Beginner Team)

  • Kalamazoo Kickoff Classic - 1st Place

  • Porter Classic (Ann Arbor) - 1st Place

  • Mid-America Championships - 1st Place

Sajda, Avdo, Isabella Bratke, Madalyn Bratke,

Chloe Cunningham, Katie Custer, Kate Kaul,

Savannah McLarty, Ashleigh Merritt, Abbeye Nealssohn,

Olivia Nielsen, Marion Pruzinsky, Aaliyah Swain,

DeArra Tate, Annabelle Wilkins, Eva Wilks

2017/2018 Eclipse Teams accomplishments:

Pre-Juvenile Team

  • Kalamazoo Kickoff Classic - 7th Place

  • Porter Classic (Ann Arbor) - 7th Place

  • Mid-America Championships - 5th Place